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Scott Ritsema is an educator, writer, and speaker with a passion for present truth.  Scott recently left the teaching profession to pursue full-time ministry, and he currently presents seminar material to churches and other gatherings on topics such as media, parenting, education, and sexuality.  His seminars, as well as his ministry, Belt of Truth Ministries, have recently been featured at a number of GYC and ASI conventions, as well as satellite TV and radio - both inside and outside the church.  Scott lives in Michigan with his wife, Cami, and two boys, Levi and Silas.

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Q: Can I burn copies of your DVDs for outreach purposes?

A: The reason this ministry exists is for outreach. We're passionate about getting this message out to the masses. As a means to that end, we're trying to be good stewards of the copyright God has given us. What we've found is that when people are given a DVD that isn't a burned copy - in other words, it's the full-sized case with color graphics on the case wrap and on the disc - they are much more likely to watch it and value it. They feel that the person who gave it to them sacrificed something, and they are just more likely to give it a chance. Not to mention, they are more impressed by the product, itself, which makes them more open to its contents once they do watch it. Please do not copy our DVDs or post the videos online. If you're wanting to share multiple copies of our materials, that's awesome! Send us an email and we will find a way to sacrifice in order to partner with you in your outreach activities.

Q: Scott, you look too young to teach high school. How old are you?

A: I'll give you a hint: I was born in 1980. I started teaching in 2003. Home school kids: please help them do the math. =)