At His Feet Audio Devotionals
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Three formats to choose from:

  • 1 MP3 CD containing all 91 tracks (not playable on normal CD players): $75.
  • 13 Audio CDs (7 tracks per CD) in CD envelopes. $90.
  • 13 Audio CDs in a Case Logic CD Case. $105.

Each of the 91 devotionals is about 8 minutes long, so your little children will receive over 700 minutes (12+ hours!) of Bible lessons over three months.

Hello Parents!

These 91 unique At His Feet audio devotionals were lovingly written and recorded at home by children and for children.  Now your young child can have an independent study time with Jesus every morning - even before learning how to read! 

Since the enemy has created so many distractions to take your child away from his/her loving Savior,

it is especially important to instill in our children the habit of giving the first thoughts to God every morning.

Our prayer is that your child can learn to love and serve our Lord and Savior and have a closer walk with Jesus...

While sitting at His feet each day.

7 devotionals for each week for 13 weeks = 91 audio devotionals.

Meet the Arce Family: