A Greater Lust (Flash Drive)


A Greater Lust (Flash Drive)


This is a Flash Drive with MP4 video files.

As seen on Amazing Discoveries!

(This 6-part series is the full series on overcoming lust, whereas the 2-part "Faith over Flesh" seminar on Amazing Discoveries is an introduction to this full edition.)

A Greater Lust:
Enslaved to purity in a pornographic world

70% of men in the church today admit to struggling with pornography in their daily lives.  Is there any hope for those who feel like slaves to their desires?  Unquestionably, the answer is a definitive YES!  Whether you are addicted to pornography or merely seeking victory over lust, the latest research and treatment strategies, combined with time-tested biblical principles, will inspire you with a shockingly hopeful vision for your future: the end of shame and isolation and the beginning of complete freedom.

Session List:

Session 1: Your Brain on Pornography

Session 2: The Poisonous Root

Session 3: A Violent Vice

Session 4: Look and Live

Session 5: Your Brain off Pornography

Session 6: Your Brain off Pornography

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