Belt of Truth Ministries: Highlights Series

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Highlights DVD set.png

Belt of Truth Ministries: Highlights Series

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A 5-DVD set produced by Belt of Truth Ministries.

  • Disc 1: Media on the Brain: Classic Overview
  • Disc 2: Raising the Remnant: Overview
  • Disc 3: Schooled & Undoctrinated: The story of true education - from Eden to Eternity
  • Disc 4: Addicted to Purity: An overview of the 6-DVDs on lust
  • Disc 5: Media on the Brain: How to Be Human Again (Brand new session!)

Say goodbye to the pitfalls of worldly media, worldly schooling, and the lust trap!

In these fast-paced, eye-opening videos, the snares of Satan give way to God's inspiring plan for our lives and for the lives of our children, It's called the Belt of Truth Highlights Series. Five powerful overview sessions that hit some of the high points of our nearly 30 hours of seminar information, plus a brand new Media on the Brain session. 

Share this series with the busy moms, hard working dads, or anyone else who would benefit from an abbreviated exposure to some of the life-changing information from our full seminars.

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