Overcoming the Media Trap Naturally


Overcoming the Media Trap Naturally

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Learn about the damaging effects produced in the brain by overconsumption of media and how nature can help to overcome.

Overconsumption of media is the norm in society today. Astonishingly, research reveals that it may actually be shrinking portions of our young people’s brains. Specifically, it may be shrinking the frontal lobe, which is the center of our spiritual and moral life. Could we actually be training a generation of people who have very little brain capacity for spiritual desires? This seminar begins the first message with the research on this very subject. Then, we transition to a neglected area of modern life, that is, our connection with nature. Research is uncovering the fact that a connection with nature can potentially heal the brain and body. Studies are even shedding light on how nature can lessen chances of having a child born with autism. Additionally, natural environments can enhance the attention of those with ADHD, increase the ability of people to delay gratification and change theological beliefs for the better. Discover the latest evidence-based information on how your own life and the lives of those around you can be enriched through ancient wisdom and modern research.

  1. Disc 1: Media & the Incredible Shrinking Brain.

  2. Disc 2: Unplugged Naturally.

  3. Disc 3: Nature’s Effect on Mental Health & Healing the Brain.

  4. Disc 4: Nature’s Effect on Physical Health & Healing the Body.

  5. Disc 5: Natural Change.

  6. Disc 6: Audio Files of the 5 Overcoming the Media Trap Naturally messages.

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The Gut-Brain Connection and overcoming depression, anxiety, obesity, overeating, anger, lust and many lifestyle diseases. A 6 part lecture series.