Hollywood, gaming, and the endless novels have captured our imaginations with fictional stories of romance, adventure and even the supernatural.

But these shadowy tales are just an echo or even a counterfeit of a story more real and captivating then we ever imagined.

What is the meaning of the story in which we find ourselves? What are the answers to the big questions of existence, purpose and destiny?

Dare to embark on an epic journey into the past. Find answers to why God would allow pain, suffering, and evil to persist. Gain inspiration from the lives of courageous martyrs and noble defenders of truth in all ages. This is your quest. It will uplift Jesus, awaken minds to the present battle, and motivate us to live within reality as God designed it.

Preface: My Truth or God's Truth

VOLUME 1 The Ancient Saga Begins

Chapter 1.The God Dilemma

Chapter 2.
What is Satan's Real Agenda?

Chapter 3.
God did what?

Chapter 4.
Why, God? (Answers for the Problem of Evil)

Chapter 5.
The Greatest Emergency and the Greatest Promise

Chapter 6.God is Love...in the Old Testament, too

VOLUME 2 Christ and Antichrist

Chapter 7.He Predicted the Exact Year of Messiah's Coming?

Chapter 8.
The Historical Jesus Does the Impossible

Chapter 9.
Radical Faith

Chapter 10.
The Antichrist's Identity...Revealed

Chapter 11.
Thinking to Change God's Law?

Chapter 12.
A Hellish View of God

Chapter 13.
Reformation Begins

Chapter 14.Reformation Continues

VOLUME 3 The Last Days

Chapter 15. The Great Disappointment

Chapter 16.
Last Days Pioneers

Chapter 17.
Go, Tell it to the World

Chapter 18.
The End Really Is Near

Chapter 19.
Mystery Babylon and the Beasts of Revelation

Chapter 20.
The Mark of the Beast

EPILOGUE:A Secure Universe for Eternity