UNdoctrinated: Recapturing a Radical Vision for Educating our Children

Coming in 2015 - UNdoctrinated... the highly anticipated follow-up to the seminar entitled, Schooled.  

Entertainment media and modern schooling have ruined the minds of countless individuals. Millions have literally been rendered incapable of thinking.  Awareness of the problem is the first step.  But, what further steps do we take to escape the propaganda matrix? 

UNdoctrinated presents God's answer to the prison of modern schooling.  A beautiful vision of God's plan for educating our children will inspire and guide us through the treacherous waters of schooling and education.  True education - by God's design - will not only reverse the indoctrination programming given by the world's school systems, but will prepare today's youth to stand firm in the last days.

Presented by educator, Scott Ritsema.  From age 3 to age 33 Scott Ritsema has spent most of his life inside American school systems of various types as either a student or a teacher.  As a historian and educator, Scott provides a unique perspective on the history of American schooling.