Media on the Brain: The Virtual Seminar

A free seminar!

A while back we faced a dilemma: more speaking invitations than we could handle!

Since it was so painful to have to decline these opportunities to reach souls, we prayed and received a solution: the Virtual Seminar

Churches throughout the world are now hosting a completely free, power-packed vespers program.

By hosting a Media on the Brain Virtual Seminar at your church, you will awaken minds to the dangers of 21st century media/entertainment.  

As you see, churches are using Media on the Brain as outreach!  

In fact, we're finding that folks in the community are absolutely HUNGRY for this information.  They know that our culture has gotten out of control with media, and they are looking for the truth!  

Specifically, we're seeing that, after an effective promotional push, nearly half of the people coming to these seminars are visitors.  What an incredible entering wedge!  

Booking a Virtual Seminar is completely free and extremely easy.  

We pay for the production of promotional materials, help you advertise your seminar, and work with you to organize and plan the event.

Contact us today to get a date on the calendar for this God-inspired movement!

Here's what one church recently shared with us:

“God moved in a mighty way at last night's Virtual Seminar!  Many attended who had no affiliation with the church.

Throughout the seminar you could hear many “wow"s and gasps.

I heard over and over from our families that 'things need to change in our home.'
One family said that they want to study what we believe from the Bible.

That alone made the night!”